It’s the summer, it’s the beach, it’s the Jersey Shore. The sun shines, the waves beckon, and the boardwalk’s hysterical with lights and laughter.

What could be possibly go wrong?

For Rachel Leary, Ethan Waters, and Leonard Washington Washington [not a typo], everything has gone wrong, and summer at the shore is just a way to rub salt in their wounds. Rachel wants to believe that grief is like a house guest who just doesn’t know when to leave. Ethan insists that his private loss should be a very public concern. And Leonard just wants to be left alone—as long as he’s not actually pushed aside.

Two small words, Don’t fall, appear everywhere on the boardwalk and draw the three together. Their friendship triggers the discovery of a hidden journal, the revelation of a forbidden love, and the uncomfortable suspicion that the most powerful man in Sea Town harbors the secrets behind their shared losses.

By the time the summer ends, some will see that everything they have looked forward to has burned—literally—to the ground, while others will steal new hopes they had never expected to find.

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