The Five Questions: Emily Franklin

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“The book changed all that for them – they left town, stayed safe, and found the strength to keep going.”

Emily Franklin is the author of Last Night at the Circle Cinema and will be one of the speakers at the Boston Teen Author Festival in Cambridge, September 26.

1. What’s the surprising inspiration behind one (your choice) of the characters or stories you’ve created?
LAST NIGHT AT THE CIRCLE CINEMA is set at the real abandoned Circle theatre outside of Boston. It housed a lot of teenage afternoons and evenings, some heartaches and lust-filled lobby visits for unnecessary Sno-Caps. When I wrote this novel, the Circle became a character (and a metaphor).
2. If you could rescue one obscure book and make it more widely known to the world, which book would you choose and why?
Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright. It was one of my favorites – set on a farm in Wisconsin circa 1920s with amazing descriptions. Each chapter is its own story that fits with the novel but has a beginning, middle, and end.
3. You can ask one question to any author, living or dead. What would you ask and why?
Emily Danforth, can our characters be friends (or us)? Why: because she’s a great writer and I think our people could have adventures together.
Or Flannery O’connor – will you read aloud to me? Why: Read A Good Man is Hard to Find and you’ll see.
4. What’s the best (or your favorite) feedback you’ve received from a reader?
When Tessa Masterson Will Go to Prom came out (nod to its LGBTQ main character), I received a letter from a person who had been contemplating suicide because of their sexual orientation and family and town’s hatred. The book changed all that for them – they left town, stayed safe, and found the strength to keep going.
5. What’s the worst writing advice you’ve received from a teacher?
“Write the story and end it with ‘…but it turned out to be a dream.”
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